We offer training:

·  Basic Obedience  
·  Started Gun Dog
·  Hand and whistle
·  Water retrieves
·  Under gun
SilverWing Labradors offers training for your puppy of choice, as well as training for your dog or puppy.  Mike will be glad to discuss your individual puppy or dog's circumstances, and your wishes the extent and durantion of training, and will offer a customized program to fit your expectations. 


Cowboy is a young yellow male lab, born in Feb., 2006.  Cowboy was trained by Mike McGilvary, and was started on whistle, voice and hand signals, retrieves and swimming, as well as basic obedience. 

Started dogs are a "work-in-progress". To help the new owner finish their hunting companion, we offer a customized video or dvd as an introduction. The dvd will provide an insight into the techniques your puppy or dog has been trained with, to document the progress your "started" dog has made, and may be used to help you continue with his training. 

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Training and Started Gun Dogs 
Cowboy enjoys a training session at the lake.